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Travel Tryout Information
by posted 09/22/2014

Hi.  Below is the tryout information for our Metrowest Travel teams.  All players should make every attempt possible to attend both sessions.  It is mandatory to attend at least one session.  If you have any concerns please contact the respective coach on the list below.  Thank you.


4th grade girls - Wednesday 10/1 6-7:30pm and Monday 10/6 6-7:30pm both at South

5th grade girls - Friday 10/3 7:30-9pm and Monday 10/6 7:30 to 9pm both at BMMS

6th grade girls - Monday 9/29 7:30-9pm and Friday 10/3 6-7:30pm both at South

7th grade girls - Tuesday 9/30 7:30-9pm at BMMS and Wednesday 10/1 7:30-9pm at South

8th grade girls - Monday 9/29 6-7:30pm and Friday 10/3 6-7:30pm both at BMMS

4th grade boys - Monday 9/29 6-7:30pm at South and Monday 10/6 6-7:30pm at BMMS

5th grade boys - Wednesday 10/1 6-7:30pm and Thursday 10/2 7:30-9pm both at BMMS

6th grade boys - Monday 9/29 7:30-9pm and Wednesday 10/1 7:30-9pm both at BMMS

7th grade boys - Thursday 10/2 6-7:30pm at BMMS and Monday 10/6 7:30-9pm at South

8th grade boys - Wednesday 10/1 3-4:30pm and Tuesday 10/7 3-4:30pm both at BMMS


4th Boys - Adam Thorell –

5th Boys – Rocky Edwards –

6th Boys – Brian Olson –

6th Boys – Jack LaRose -

7th Boys – Ken Randazzo -

8th Boys – TJ Chiappone -

8th Boys – Eric Ladoucer -


4th and 6th girls do not yet have coaches please contact Rocky Edwards

5th Girls – Doug Rapose -

7th Girls – Don Martinis -

8th Girls – Don Driscoll -

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In-Town Evaluation Schedule
by posted 09/19/2014

In-Town Evaluations will take place at the following times and locations on Saturday October 4th.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to check in and receive a number.  Please note that every effort has been made to avoid age and grade based conflicts with all fall sports including Soccer picture day.


3rd/4th/5th grade girls - BHS 2:30pm

6th/7th/8th grade girls - BHS 1:00pm

3rd grade boys - BMMS 2:30pm

4th grade boys - BMMS 10:00am

5th grade boys - 7:00am BHS

6th grade boys - 8:30am BHS

7th grade boys - 8:30am BMMS

8th grade boys - 7:00am BMMS


All players should attend their respective evaluation.  If they are unable to attend please contact the board member listed at the bottom of this e-mail to make alternative plans to attend with another grade.  All players should be registered prior to appearing at evaluations.  Attending evaluations without registering in advance slows the process down for everyone and limits the time available to evaluate.

Although we realize 7am is extremely early, our options were to begin very early or end very late (8:30pm+) in order to accommodate Soccer games, Soccer pictures and Fall Baseball.  We believe most would prefer to begin early and not cut into other sports.

We are still looking for a couple coaches at each level.  Please e-mail the directors below if you are interested in helping out.  Time commitment is one hour of practice on a weeknight and a one hour game on Saturday.

Travel Tryout information will be available shortly.

Thank you,

Adam Thorell

President - BYBA


3/4/5 girls - Joe Bird    joseph.bird@xerox.com

6/7/8 girls - Dave Wahl   woonpd62@gmail.com

3/4 boys - Seth Cohen   sethcohen@heritagehomefunding.com

5/6 boys - Joe Rotigliano   m.rotigliano@verizon.net

7/8 boys - Jeff Newcombe  jnewcombe@verizon.net

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Swish Kids
by Steve Linehan posted 08/26/2014



Brad Baker has volunteered to be
the SWISH kids coach for our first
and second graders. Brad has been
a resident of Bellingham for 17 years
and has two sons. His oldest
son, Jack, participated in the SWISH
kids program and his youngest son,
Charlie, is in the program this year.
Brad has basketball
experience playing, coaching,
and refereeing. Thank you Brad for
supporting the program!
There has been interest by other
parents to help in the SWISH kids
program. I know that Brad will be
looking for many parent volunteers
each week to help run the drills and
make it fun for the kids.

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Coaching Clinic
by Steve Linehan posted 08/22/2014

This coaches clinic is a great opportunity to learn different tips and techniques for coaching and conducting practices.  It’s very inexpensive and extremely informative.  Some of our BYBA coaches have attended in the past and highly recommend this clinic.   This year's clinic features lectures by Harvard Coach Tommy Ammaker and Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens.

Click the link below to access the flyer.


2014 Harvard Basketball Coaches Clinic - Saturday, October 25


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Calling All Interested Coaches!!
by Steve Linehan posted 08/13/2014

The BYBA is Calling All Interested Coaches


If you have an interest in taking a bigger role in your child's basketball experience - please fill out the 2014 Coaches Form (linked below).  The BYBA is always interested in bringing on new coaches (Head Coach or Assistant Coach) to expand the experience for families in our program. 


BYBA 2014 Coaching Registration Form

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